one sole, many journeys

The Most Personal And Versatile Shoe Yet.

"Genius Fashion Invention Alert!" - GLAMOUR

PHELAN expands the relationship you have with your shoes, making them as versatile as you are. PHELAN gives you the ability to customize and re-customize your shoes to make them more relevant and ultimately more personal. After choosing your sole size, you select from a collection of interchangeable uppers, and your personal journey awaits…

The Experience Starts With Your Sole.

Every aspect of PHELAN is designed around how and where you want to wear it. Your journey starts with a handcrafted leather sole and continues with a variety of interchangeable uppers made from a range of different leathers, jewels and other materials. All parts of PHELAN are handcrafted in the USA.

PHELAN presents fashion in a more meaningful, personal context by letting you choose the upper that is most relevant to your style and journey.

Style And Sensibility.

PHELAN is a leader in style and sensibility. PHELAN gives you the power and freedom to transform your style. A patented system of discreet hooks and loops lets you quickly and easily secure your uppers to your sole. PHELAN is luxury with a purpose, and provides fashionable, compactable shoe options for everyday, whether you are traveling around the block or to distant lands.