one sole, many journeys



P H E L A N "one sole, many journeys"

P H E L A N re-defines modern footwear: a luxurious sole, with a wide variety of chic uppers that you can change based on your journey. You choose your sole size and from three collections of uppers. The uppers attach to the sole with a series of discreet hooks and loops. 

New York City-based designer Chris Ann Phelan patented the design in 2007 and launched the artisanal line of sandals in 2009. "I wanted women to enjoy an easy way to change from one stylish upper to another depending on their own sense of what the moment calls for,” she says. “So whether a woman is going to brunch with friends or to beach getaway to somewhere exotic, she can choose the style that best fits her moment.”  

P H E L A N “defies the odds” said the New York Times in combining “style and practicality.” The Journal of Montreal called it “perfect for the urban nomad” while AHA life called the P H E L A N shoe line “one of the cleverest we’ve ever seen” especially “to solve the travel-light, look-good conundrum.”

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